I’ve always hated the word busy so when I first heard the term “Stop the glorification of busy”, it really stuck with me. Why is it that people think there is some pride to be had in being soooo busy, like it’s some sort of competition for whose life is more important? Why do people feel the need to express how busy they are all the time, as if they must surely be the only person with a lot to do? Why do people look at the idea of sitting down and relaxing or doing something for your own enjoyment as a sign of weakness?¬†While thinking about this post I googled the definition of ‘Busy’ and the description was ‘having a great deal to do’ but the example was ‘he had been too busy to enjoy himself’. How awful is that? Life is short and I, for one, want to enjoy it as much as I can, so the next time I decide I’m too busy to do something fun, I’m going to have a long, hard think about how important the things I’m busy doing really are.

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  1. Sorry I was too busy to get to the end of the post

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