View from Burj Khalifa Jade at Burj KhalifaSheikh Zayed RoadMe at Burj KhalifaView from Burj Khalifa

1) A view of some of the sky scrapers surrounding Burj Khalifa,  2) Jade on the observation deck,  3) A view of Sheikh Zayed Road,  4) Me on the observation deck,  5) Another view from the observation deck. The building to the left is the Address hotel which is 63 storeys high.


Last week Jade and I paid the Burj Khalifa a visit. We decided on a night tour and went up at 9.30pm after watching the Dubai Fountain and having some dinner with Dane and Owen. The Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world at over 828 metres high with more than 160 floors and it holds several other records. I had been to the observation deck of the sky scraper before but only during the day. It was much more impressive at night with the lights of the surrounding downtown Dubai on show. Like most cities, there are different sides to Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is a typical example of what you will find in ‘new’ Dubai, a city that is constantly striving to have the biggest and the best of everything. In my opinion, ‘new’ Dubai is certainly not without its merits and I defy anyone not to be impressed. For me, however, the older part of the city is much more enjoyable and interesting. There’s plenty to see around Dubai Creek with many different souks to visit. Although the heat is not exactly bearable right now (remember, I’m from Ireland) I plan to take a trip to the creek next week when my mam and Dane’s mam come to visit. 

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  1. You look beautiful my friend!!

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