As part of my new year’s resolution to read more this year, I’ve decided to challenge myself a little. I love reading and get really engrossed in a good book. I plan to share reviews of the books I’m reading here. I’m teaming up with My Tiny Mind on this one so pop over there to check out reviews too. I’m not the fastest reader going so we’ve set ourselves 2 years to read 20 books. I’d love for other people to get involved. If you’re thinking of taking part, let me know in the comments and keep me posted on your progress or where you might be sharing it. You chose the books based on the list below and you can take them on in any order.

 Anyone up for a challenge?

The Big Book Challenge list

2 Thoughts on “The Big Book Challenge

  1. Margaret Thompson on February 18, 2016 at 2:14 pm said:

    Im going to do this challenge with you Ali…im so excited

    • Oh yes! That’s brilliant Mags. Make sure to post your books on Instagram or something so I can keep track of what you’re reading.

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