I’m taking part in The 100 Day Project for the third year running this year. For my 2019 project I plan to do ‘100 Days of Hand Lettering’. I got the idea when I was researching my One Little Word for 2019. Every time I typed the word Flourish into Google or Pinterest, Calligraphy would come up and I learned it’s a type of calligraphy technique so I hope to learn more about that as I go through my 100 days. I have absolutely no idea where to start and I have less than a week to work it out but I think that’s part of the plan. I hope to learn as I go so I definitely don’t plan to have anything visually appealing, at the start, at least. 

The project, in theory, is supposed to be creative but last year I went down the route of something different. For 2018, I did 100 Days of Less. It tied in with my word for the year – Less. In 2017, I did 100 Days of Blogging. Both years I completed the project and I’m hoping to do the same this year. 

I’m aware it will probably be tougher this year but for 100 consecutive days I’m going to try to create a “finished piece” of hand lettering. Some of them will fall on a Monday when I’m tired and most likely phoning it in, and some will fall on a Saturday when I have more time and hopefully I’ll be a bit happier to share them. My plan is to share the majority of them on my Instagram stories (as Lindsay Jean Thompson says “make up your own rules!”) and some on my feed. I’ll also share the occasional update here and maybe make a 1 Second Video of the progress. 

If you are interested in learning more about The 100 Day Project, check out Elle Luna  and Lindsay Jean Thompson on Instagram.You should also check out Elise Blaha Cripe on Instagram because if you’re having thoughts about giving up, her enthusiasm is amazing! Also check out her podcast on her previous experiences and plans for The 100 Day Project here and here and here and here. I haven’t noticed her mention a new podcast episode about it this year but I’ll be keeping an eye out. 

If you want, you can read my posts from previous projects here

This year’s The 100 Day Project starts on Tuesday 2nd of April but if you don’t see this on time, you can join in and start your 100 days anytime.

What are you doing for the 100 day project?

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