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I decided I needed a change this summer so I’ve been going blonde. I still have a bit more to go but here are some process pics. I love changing my hair and I’ve had so many different colours. 

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on changing up your hair colour but I have changed mine many times so I have a few pieces of advice if you’re going to do it:

1. Ask the advice of a fully qualified hair dresser. If you can’t trust them to be honest with you abut whether a colour would suit you, then you need a new hair dresser.

2. NEVER ever dye your own hair when you’re changing the colour. I strongly believe you should only dye your hair yourself if you’re going black, otherwise it can go wrong very easily. It’s worth the investment the first time. I always go to a professional and luckily she’s my cousin and is very reasonably priced. 

3. If you’re going blonde, invest in a good leave in conditioner and treatment. I love the Uniq One 10 in 1 hair treatment.

4. Consider the level of maintenance involved. If you’re going to change your colour, think about how often you are going to have to get it done and the cost of doing so. 

5. Most importantly, have fun!!


This is kind of a shameless plug but if you’re living in Ireland (particularily Dublin)  and interested in doing a hair dressing course or just getting your hair done, check out my cousin’s website: Dublin College of Hairdressing