Sometimes you have the best expectations for a blog post and it just goes terribly wrong. This was one of those occasions. I often see blog posts and Pinterest  posts about cocktail recipes people are trying out and I always think “oh I love a good cocktail, I could totally come up with some great cocktails”, so when I got a present of a bottle of chocolate raspberry vodka I decided it was the perfect time to give it a go. I knew the chocolate and raspberry flavours were strong enough so I wanted to keep it simple with the mixer. I went with soda water for 1 and cranberry juice for another. Oh and I threw in some raspberries for good measure. When I tell you they were both disgusting I am not exaggerating one bit. They were so bad I couldn’t take more than a sip. So all in all, I think I’ll be sticking with the cocktails I’m already familiar with. I reckon I should get top marks for presentation though.

What cocktails do you like? My favourites are Strawberry Daiquiris, Bay Breeze and Razmopolitons. 


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1) two cakes at a time…sure why not?  2) Beautifuuly wrapped presents,  3) Cocktails with my girls,  4) The UH-mazing cake Jade made. It was delicious.

I had a lovely weekend celebrating my birthday with family & friends. It involved a LOT of food, two birthday cakes on Friday night, an amazing cake on Saturday night made by my lovely friend Jade, some cocktails and more beers. I also received some fab presents. What more could a girl want?