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It’s about time for another catch up as Jade and Owen have come and gone. We had a great 9 days and now the apartment feels so empty without them. To sum up their visit; the girls had lots of cocktails, the boys had lots of beer, we had plenty of food and loads of laughs. They saw the sights, the sun, the malls and the cars. They got to witness how the rich live and how the richer live. We now have new inside jokes and nicknames that look like they might stick. Jade lost some money playing cards and Owen still doesn’t know how to do a handstand against a wall. We made new friends and of course insisted they visit Ireland. The girls had a girl day which included the most painful massage I’ve ever experienced, a lovely facial and some shopping. The boys went go-karting for their boy’s day. I was really sad to see them go and greatly appreciated their company while Dane was at work. I was exhausted yesterday, slept in and did nothing all day but watch TV. Now Dane and I have a week to ourselves before his Mam and my Mam arrive. Summer in Dubai (part 3) will include their visit and how we’re getting on learning how to live in a Muslim country during Ramadan.

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