1) Maximising space by putting some of my shoes on the windowsill, it’s really wide so it was going to waste otherwise,   2) Organising my clothes. It was so hard to pack one suitcase for such a long time. Also, I’m loving prints this summer.

So week 1 of 7 and a half weeks in Dubai is over and it went by pretty fast. I won’t lie and say I’ve done all sorts of different, exciting and interesting things. I haven’t. I’ve actually done very little. I arrived just on time for Dane’s weekend (which is Friday and Saturday here) and it was really great to spend two full days together in a row… We haven’t been able to do that since December (Crazy or what?) because up until this visit Dane has only had one day off a week.

During the day when Dane is in work I’ve been sleeping in, washing clothes, rearranging things to make better use of the small wardrobe space and kitchen space, blogging (a bit), reading, catching up on my favourite blogs, going to the gym, catching up on some work ( a very small bit), swimming and relaxing. Then when Dane gets home from work we do really normal stuff, such as, eat dinner, go to the cinema, eat amazing ice-cream, catch up on TV programmes, go shopping, watch films, eat junk food and talk about our day. It’s crazy how much you enjoy doing these everyday normal things together when you only get the chance to do them every once and a while. I could say I won’t take the little things for granted again but I know I will…and that’s life.

This coming week we’re really excited for our friends Jade and Owen to come and stay. They arrive on Sunday so we have this coming weekend together before they arrive. We’re going to take it easy as I’d say we’re in for a busy 10 days. Stay tuned for part 2. Xoxo


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4 Thoughts on “Summer in Dubai (Part 1)

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  2. I loved it its so neat to see how others live. Now if I can just see Chief and Lady 🙂

    • Thanks Mags, I love seeing how other people live too. I wish everyone had a blog, but hey, maybe that’s just me being noisy. For Chief & Lady click on ‘The Dogs’ in the navigation bar. There’s some nice ones because they were taken with my SLR so they’re much clearer than Instagram pics.

  3. Love it

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