Jade (Left), me (middle) and Kiara (right)Al & EmmaJade & OwenCaptain Morgan & OrangeGav and JennieJade, Kiara, Emma, Jennie & Imy girlsFriends

1) With Jade on my left and Kiara on my right,  2) Al and Emma,  3) Jade and Owen – teamwork!  4) Captain Morgan and orange – tastes just like a Super Split,  5) Gav and Jennie  6) My girls,  7) Having fun & being silly,  8) Drinks with friends

My friend Jennie had a barbecue and drinks in her garden on Saturday to celebrate her birthday. We had amazing food and loads of fun enjoying the sun. The weather was perfect which really adds to the atmosphere because it’s so rare.  As you can see from the pictures, it got a bit silly but that’s all part of the fun and I always have the funniest time with the girls. It’s great to catch these moments in photographs that we can all look back on. I was drinking Bay Breeze cocktails and they were easy and delicious. I was delighted to let Dane know I’d found a holiday drink. I’m usually really picky and end up trying one or two cocktails and giving up when I can’t find one I like.  I also had some Captain Morgan and orange which tastes just like a Super Split ice-cream.

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