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My absolute favourite bloggers over at A Beautiful Mess have started a 30 day self portrait challenge and anyone can join in. I’ve decided to take part for a few reasons. The first reason is that I absolutely love their blog and everything about it so it must be a good idea. The second is that I think t will push me to be more creative when it comes to ‘selfies’. I will be posting my pictures on Instagram for the 30 days and I think it will require some creativity so my poor followers don’t have to look at pictures of my face every day. The third reason I decided to take part is because I absolutely love taking pictures of people. Portrait photography is my favourite type of photography but it’s not always easy to find willing participants. I think using myself as a subject will help me develop my skills and also help me to understand how uncomfortable it really is to be the sole subject of portraits. This might help me to put people at ease if I get some willing volunteers in the future.  When the challenge is over I will post some of the pictures and how it went here. Anyone wanna join me?  For details of the challenge, check out A Beautiful Mess Portrait Challenge.

2 Thoughts on “Self Portrait Challenge

  1. Ok I’m in but I’m not sure the world deserves 30 selfies of me!!!!

    • they don’t have to be 30 hold the camera away using the long arm technique pictures of your face. It might encourage you to get creative with your portraits. Go on…do it!!!

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