It’s the first of February so I thought it was a good time to check back in with my intentions for Flourish, my One Little Word for 2019. 

At the start of January, I shared my word here. My intentions for my word included focussing on my health, my relationships, our new home & my true self. Throughout the month, I fleshed out my intentions for my word in much greater detail & what I have come up with are actions under each topic. I won’t share them all in one go here but I will share them as I go along & make progress with them. 

I also set out other ways that I can connect with my word regularly so it doesn’t get lost as the year goes on. The 3 things I hope to do to stay connected to my word are:

  • Quarterly check-ins where I ask myself if my word is working for me or if I need to adjust my goals. I’ll also be checking what goals I have met. 
  • Monthly quotes or images. 1 each month to guide my plan for that month. 
  • Read from a themed reading list. Obviously I’ll be reading books just for entertainment but in between I’ve a list of books that encourage me to flourish in different ways. 

The quote I’ve chosen for this month (above) is “Flourish – to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favourable environment”. Last month I focussed on my word overall and my plans for it. This month we’ve gotten the keys to our first house and I’m focussing on turning the house into a home. In other words, flourishing in a particularly favourable environment. 

Finally, in January I started writing something in a diary each day about how I’ve worked towards my word that day and in the whole month, I only missed 1 day. I’ve enjoyed this process so I’m going to continue it throughout the year.  

If you’re interested in choosing a One Little Word, it’s not too late. Pick a word that works for you and start today. 

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