Focus on Your Own Shit

I can’t believe we’re nearly at the end of April and this is my first follow up post to my 2017 OLW post. I’m thinking not having a regular means of keeping in touch with my word and getting it down on paper means I’m less able to share how it’s going here. Despite this it’s actually going quite well.

I thought I’d start off by sharing what I plan to get from the word Focus this year, so here goes. In 2017, I plan to focus on:

  • My own shit! Excuse my language but I need to learn to focus on myself and where I am and want to be. I think there’s a thing that comes with age (and I’m turning 30 this year!) where we all start to think about where we should be and what we should have or be doing. I plan to focus this year on working out where I want to be in terms of life and career and not worrying about comparing myself to other people.
  • The here and now. I’m a worrier so I can spend too much time in the past so it’s important I learn to focus on the present.
  • Being content with what I have and on having less. I think it’s very easy in western society to constantly want more. The newest and the best things. This year, I want to de-clutter and focus on spending less money accumulating crap I don’t need. That doesn’t mean never buying things but it does mean quality over quantity.
  • Being productive and not just busy.
  • Losing more weight. I have a goal and I have been slacking on that majorly. 
  • Letting go of the small things. This is a big ask for someone like me who is very detail oriented. It’s the kind of goal that gets carried over because if I’m being realistic, this won’t change over night. 
  • Saving more money. By more I mean any at all.
  • Growing my hair and getting it back to a healthy condition.
  • Spending more time with people and books and less time hiding behind devices. This is very aspirational in today’s society but even if it has improved slightly by the end of the year, I’ll consider this 1 a success.
  • Being happy!!

I found this picture on Instagram. Check out keelyrust to find it. You can keep up to date with where I’ll be sharing words around my OLW Focus over on  Pinterest. my name over there is @paparali. You can also check out my other OLW posts here

2 Thoughts on “One Little Word 2017: #1

  1. Nikki on April 20, 2017 at 1:44 pm said:

    Love this, my to do list is very similar! Especially when it comes to devices, I hate being out and seeing people constantly attached to their phones but then other times find myself doing the same thing. I hate it but what a hard habit to kick.. so much of our lives are on our phones now with emails, banking, planners and messages and all the rest. I think I am pretty good now with putting my phone down when I’m in the company of others. I also find that because where I work I can’t have my mobile on me all day everyday so I’m now used to not having my phone in my pocket all the time. In saying that I still use it far to much, with the house build I’m on a few different building forums that’s I’m always getting notifications about and checking in, while it’s been invaluable for information it’s also a huge consumption of my time.

    • It’s the hardest habit to break isn’t it?! I rely way too much on my phone. I hate it when I realise I’ve left it at home. I’m terrible for having it out all the time, even when I’m witg people so I definitely need to work on that this year!

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