Hi all (I’m pretty sure all is about 3 people at this stage)

I decided to start a photo blog because I’m constantly taking photographs and they usually end up in a folder on my computer with no purpose. This blog will pretty much cover the day to day things that happen in my life, some of which will be absolutely amazing and some, I’m sure, will be very dull (hopefully some half decent photos will make up for this). This blog is more for me than anyone else. I want to be able to remember all of the little stories that go along with the photographs and who knows, maybe someday I will have grandchildren who will find this everyday information interesting. I know I’d love to have access to a photo diary belonging to my grandparents.

I think it’s important at this point to explain the name ‘Paparali’. It’s a play on the word Paparazzi and my name Ali. My dad came up with it years ago because I’m always driving people crazy taking photographs.

Well that’s it for now but you can also find me on Instagram and Twitter. My username is @paparali. Please note I’m not a tweetaholic, I find it very difficult to squeeze everything I want to say into 140 characters.

Until next time,




One Thought on “New Beginning!

  1. WooHoo! Best of luck with your new Bloglife Ali. Let the adventure begin…

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