Bathroom rack (before)

Craft rack detailsCompleted craft rack

1) The rust on the rack before I cleaned it up,  2) Craft rack sprayed gold,  3) Finished craft rack in between albums and books

Re-purposing is the new brand new, am I right? At the end of the Summer when we were filling the skip with stuff from the boxroom (more about that here) I told my Dad to throw any bits he wanted to get rid of onto the skip. He put a steel bathroom rack on as it was getting rusty and he was planning to replace it with something else. Straight away I noticed it and thought it would be perfect for crafting materials. I took it off the skip and spent a bit of time cleaning off the rust. I used tin foil (aluminum foil) and vinegar to clean it and if you can stand the feeling of the foil on the steel it works a treat. Next to decide what colour I wanted to change it to. I found cheap spray paint in black, white, silver and gold. I decided to go with the gold. It turned out perfect and I’m delighted with the finished product. I’ve sprayed a couple of things since and I’m kind of addicted. Keep an eye out for more resprays popping up.

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