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Last Wednesday I took a trip to Jumeirah Mosque with my mam and Maria. We read up about it the day before so we knew in advance we needed to cover our arms and legs and that they would provide scarves to cover our hair. You can see chairs in some of the pictures. They are not usually there and are only there in this specific mosque because it’s the only one in Dubai that non-Muslims can visit freely. The chairs are left out for people to sit on at the 10.30am visit which is the only visiting time each day. A representative from the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding spends around 1-1.5 hours explaining the religion and how the mosque is used. It was really interesting to learn about a religion that I knew very little about. The time board on the wall beside the clock decides the 5 times per day when Muslims pray based on the lunar calendar. Woman can pray either in the mosque or at home whereas men are encouraged to pray in the mosque. The reason for this is that woman are the primary care-givers for the children and it may not always be possible for them to attend the mosque. You will see in the photographs that there is a pattern in the carpets that forms lines for people to stand while they pray. The mosque itself on the outside is quite beautiful and although it has beautiful chandeliers and ceilings inside, it is very basic in that it is mostly a square room with very little inside. It was fascinating to learn about a different religion and culture, however, much like my own religion, some of the explanations for why things are done the way they are can be a little hard to swallow. Overall, it was very interesting and I would encourage people visiting Dubai to take the time out to visit the mosque. 

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  2. The scarves suit ye

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