Sunny Ireland

(Photo courtesy of my brother Stephen McCann)

We’ve had a couple of weeks of really sunny weather here in Ireland lately. Unfortunately the rain showed itself yesterday evening and continued all through the night. It got me thinking about how the weather can really affect your mood. In my opinion  – and it’s likely that I’m completely biased and it’s definite that I don’t have all that much evidence – there’s no better place to be than Ireland when the sun is shining. It’s a rare thing because we’re lucky if we get a few weeks of sunshine each year. However, you’re almost guaranteed to find sun here the first week of June because the Leaving Cert exams (post primary state exams for anyone who’s not familiar with our system) are happening and the first week of September because the kids are just back in school. This might seem like a ridiculous theory but it proves itself as fact almost every year. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes…the effect the sun has. As a general rule, although a tiny country, Irish people have a pretty good reputation around the world for being friendly. However, I’m absolutely sure that if you visited Ireland in the sun and then again in the rain, you would really see a difference.  The sun brings out the absolute best in Irish people. Everyone is happier and friendlier. I met a woman once who moved to Ireland during a gorgeous Irish summer. She loved it so much and couldn’t wait to tell everyone at home how amazing Ireland and Irish people were. Once the autumn and winter came in she saw a massive change in the attitudes of people in Ireland. They were still nice but not as happy or friendly. So if you’re from outside Ireland and thinking of coming to visit, I’d suggest early June or early September.


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