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Just before my favourite 4 year old left for Australia in September we had an  ice-cream party. And by party I mean Kiara, Layla and I sat around the table and stuffed ourselves with ice-cream and lots of different toppings. 

I think it’s a really fun ideas for kids and adults. It’s so simple. All you have to do is let people chose their ice-cream flavours and then ave a selection of toppings for them to add themselves. I used paper ice-cream tubs that I picked up really cheap. I added the toppings to jars and ramekins and put them on the Lazy Susan so everyone could get at the toppings. We had strawberry, mint choc chip, vanilla, cookie dough and peanut butter ice-cream. Our toppings included strawberries, marshmallows, Smarties, cookies, Maltesers, jelly beans and jelly babies.

Sounds great huh? Come on, who doesn’t like ice-cream? 


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