to do book summer 2013

It’s that time of year when everything is starting to wind down for me in work. Throughout the academic year I make lists of work related things I need to do. I find lists very helpful. They clear up some space in my mind and help me to concentrate on what I need to do. It also helps me to relax when it’s time to switch my work brain off and unwind. I tend to make my work lists on my iPad so I can add to them or amend them if I need to. I love making lists this time of year. They’re usually of the last few things I need to tie up in work and they give me great sense of satisfaction when they’re all ticked off.

For lists outside of work I much prefer to hand write them on all sorts of different and pretty notepads (yes, honestly, the ‘old fashioned’ way). Come early to mid-June, I can focus on the fun lists of things I hope to do in the summer. This summer will be different because I’m going to Dubai for 7 weeks to spend some of my time off with Dane. I’ll be adding things I have to do, buy, and pack before I go to my lists this year. I’m also looking forward to making lists of things to do while I’m away. 

My lists are not limited to ‘to do’ lists either. I also enjoy making bucket lists and lists of things I want to buy and make. Wow who knew I could say the word list so many times!

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