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1) Make-up on, contacts in, starting to create fake blood,  2) Fake blood,  3) Evil smile,  4) Jane from Twilight,  5) Dane’s costume involved a lot of tissue paper and liquid latex,  6) Dane dressed as a dead pilot,  7) Quick lift (elevator) photo on our way out

I dressed up as Jane from Twilight for Halloween and it was easy and fun. I thought I’d go through my costume in case anyone is interested in dressing up as Jane sometime. 

The biggest part of this costume is the cloak. It would be pretty easy to make one but because I only decided on my costume on the day and I’m pretty lazy I bought mine. It needs to be full length, have full length loose sleeves and a hood. Simples. You could go all out and go for a velvet material but any material will do.

For the face you need a pale foundation which you can mix with some white face paint so you have the coverage of a foundation with Jane’s pale complexion. Cover your face & neck with the mixture. Finish off with a matte powder because you don’t want any shine (I’m pretty sure you can’t sweat when you’re dead). Next you need plenty of dark grey and black eye shadow and black eye liner for the eyes. You should also use a red/brown colour for the point where your eye lid meets your brow bone. You can decide to leave your lips plain or choose a dark lipstick but it’s important to know that Jane’s lips are usually a brown colour so I would suggest a brown lip liner because you’re looking for a matte finish. I didn’t have a pencil so I used a nude lipstick and put a light brown eye shadow on over it which worked very well. It stayed on all night too – bonus!

Although you don’t often see Jane’s fangs I think it’s a good idea to add some and a bit of fake blood to get the full vampire effect. My fangs didn’t work out so I went without. The last big touch of the outfit is red contact lenses. They pull the costume together as her eyes are always red. Jane permanently wears her hair up. I won’t go into detail as to how to do it here as I’ve no video demo but you can find one on YouTube and it’s quite easy. Then you just need to add a silver pendant type necklace & some black shoes of any type as they’ll mostly be covered and you’re done! Not bad for a last minute costume. 

Price List:

Cloak €30

Foundation – my own (I’m pretty pale naturally so it worked out well)

White face paint (liquid) – €3

Matte face powder – €6

Black, grey and brown eye shadow – my own ( I used the Urban Decay Naked Pallet)

black eye liner – my own

Fangs – €4

Fake blood – €4

Red contact lenses – €15

Silver pendant necklace – €6

Black shoes – My own


Total cost: €68 but you could save at least €20 by making your own cloak.


2 Thoughts on “Halloween Costume

  1. You make a very pretty vampire!! (And Dane makes a very believable zombie 🙂 hee hee!)

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