Create 52

I’m majorly impressed with those people who take part in Craft 365 projects. Like 365. As in a different craft project each DAY for a YEAR. I wouldn’t even attempt it because I honestly don’t think I’d make it through an entire week. For one, there are some days I’m so tired after work that thinking is difficult and two, I’m really not creative enough to come up with that many craft ideas. 

So with that in mind I’ve decided I’m going to attempt a Create 52 project. I’m calling it Create 52 because it could include anything from sewing projects to scrap-booking spreads to baked goods. Some will be pretty small projects that I can  do in a few hours and some will be bigger projects that I can work on each evening for the week. 

I haven’t decided what way I’ll share the projects here yet but I’m going to attempt to share them every Sunday.

I hope some people will join me or share some project ideas along the way.


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