Full Irish Breakfast
 Dane Me Bulmers

1) This is a half portion of a full Irish, I swapped the pudding (I’m not a fan) for an extra sausage. I dread to think how big the full portion is,  2) Dane,  3) Me,  4) a lovely cold pint of Bulmers


Boozy lunches are great, am I right? We woke up super late yesterday and decided it was a perfect day for a boozy lunch. Of course we had a few things to do including checking out a party shop for last minute Halloween costume ideas (of course) and so by the time we got to the pub it was half 3 (queue rumbling tummy). I sensibly started with a water to combat the dehydration of going from Ireland in October to 35 degree Celsius Dubai. Dane, however, went straight on the Bulmers. We ordered 2 Irish breakfasts (yes! Only the Irish believe a fried breakfast should be an all-day meal option). Half way through my meal I realised what was missing was an iced cold Bulmers so I order a pint. Our boozy lunch (at 3.30pm) turned into a boozy afternoon and early evening. Ah well, no reason to set the alarm this morning so why not!?

I’m in Dubai now but I haven’t even posted about Dane’s visit home in September so I’ll be doing some retrospective blogging over the next while.

2 Thoughts on “Boozy Lunch

  1. Now that made me hungry! Just can’t call it Magner’s 🙂 . Don’t knock the 35C we’ve has torrential rain and the tail end of the storm that lashed the UK over the weekend. Not to mention (drum roll) water rationing. Yep that’s right a week of torrential rain in Ireland = water rationing. Have fun in the sun!!!!

    • Nope, it will always be Bulmers. I’m at home now snuggled on the couch dreaming of that 35C heat and keeping an eye on the time to make sure I have a shower before 8! Only in Ireland could this happen.

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