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1st Course

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1) The Burj Al Arab – looking up,  2) Cheers – sparkling date juice,  3) First course – berries and cream on shortbread,  4) Second course – Beef and potato,  5) Maria, Mam and I,  6)  Third course – selection of sandwiches,  7) One of the mocktails we tried,  8) Cakes, cookies and creme brulee,  9) Fourth course – selection of scones and mini patisserie,  10) Chocolates to take home,  11) Leaving the Burj Al Arab

Yesterday my Mam, Maria and I went for afternoon tea in the Burj Al Arab hotel. Our reservation was for 4.30pm but we were eager to see the hotel so we arrived at 3.30pm. I had been to the hotel before with Dane’s previous employer but it was nice to have the time to look around the foyer area and take some photographs. We went up to the Sky View bar early at around 4.10pm and we were seated next to the window facing the sea immediately. The service in the hotel is second to none from the people who call the lift (elevator if you’re from the U.S.) to the waiters serving your table. There are several courses to the Sky View Afternoon Tea. When we first arrived we were offered dates which are the holy fruit of Arabia. We were then offered sparking date juice. Usually guests are offered champagne but as it is currently the holy month of Ramadan there is no alcohol served anywhere in Dubai before 8pm. The first course on the menu is berries and cream which is served on shortbread. The second course is the chef’s carvery of the day which was beef (cooked to perfection) and mashed potato. Although it was delicious it is a very small portion. This works out well considering there’s still 3 courses to go. Next we were served finger sandwiches including salmon, chicken, caviar, tuna, cucumber and beef. If you have special requirements you can let them know. By this stage we were feeling quite full. The second last course is a mixture of homemade scones, cakes and creme brûlée. The final course is lychee and rose sorbet. There is also a menu with lots of different teas, coffees, iced drinks, hot chocolate and mocktails and you can order as many as you like. We started off with an English breakfast tea (old habits die hard) then we moved onto a mocktail. I had a lovely Oreo one. We were so full by the end and we didn’t finish all of the cakes and scones so they packaged them up for us to take away. We were there for roughly two and a half hours in total and another 30 mins taking pictures beforehand.

For anyone visiting Dubai I would definitely recommend this once in a lifetime experience. There are two reason why you would only do it once. The first is that it is expensive and works out at roughly €93 which is 450dhs (Arab Emirate dirham) or 122 American dollars. The second is that it’s the only 7 star hotel (self proclaimed because there is technically no star higher than 5) in the world and the likelihood of you visiting Dubai more than once is low unless you have friends/family etc living there. I didn’t think I would be saying this but, I think it is worth the price tag to see the hotel, experience the view (which includes part of the Palm Islands) and enjoy the amazing food and drink.

4 Thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at the Burj Al Arab

  1. SPOILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We were spoiled Mags. Dane paid for all 3 of us to go. I think he would do anything to get out of going himself.

  2. Mags is dead right. Spoiled rotten!!!! Making memories is great fun isn’t it?

    • Yes definitely spoiled. Yes, it was great. I’m getting to do a couple of things I hadn’t done before rather than just going to the same tourist things again with everyone.

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