I started this personal blog  in May 2013. I love taking photographs and I felt that they were going to waste just sitting on my computer. I decided to use this blog as a means of sharing aspects of my life as well as projects. My plan is to post regularly without turning it into something I feel I have to do.  I’m hoping to expand and add to it as time goes by.

I’m 30 years old and live in Dublin, Ireland. These are some things/people/ideas that are important to me: my family, my boyfriend, my dogs – Chief and Lady, my friends, taking photographs, reading, laughing, crafting, gel nails, scrap-booking, visiting new places, honesty, relaxing nights in, paper, spending time with the people I love, diet coke, gender equality, spending time alone, the cinema, make-up, girl’s nights out, loyalty, the sound on heavy rain against a window, football and learning new things.

I have a Higher Certificate in Arts in Literacy Development and a Degree in Adult Education. I teach lots of subjects in the Adult Education sector for a living. This blog is a not a means of income and I take most of my photographs on Saturday and Sunday mornings when I have natural light but that’s not always possible.

Thanks for stopping by, you can contact me anytime at: ali@paparali.com

 I hope you enjoy my blog!


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