I took part in Ali Edward’s ‘Day in the Life’ for the first time this year. Unfortunately I couldn’t do it on March 29th with everyone else so I did it on April 1st instead. I’m planning on incorporating the photos from the day into my Project Life album but I’m not sure how yet. I wanted to share all of my pictures here so other people can see what a day in my life looks like. As I was off work for the Easter holidays my day was spent at home which meant a lot more natural light than my work days would have. I used my iPhone 6 Plus to take all of my pictures. Next time I hope to have prepared a little better and take pictures of me using a timer rather than just selfies. I took all of my pictures using the Snapchat app so that I could save them and then add the time stamp to them and save them again. This meant I could move about my day a little quicker without having to pay too much attention to keeping a record of the times for each photo.

So here’s my day:


09.04am | Messy bed // No work today as I’m still on Easter holidays from work // I was up until 3am last night so 9am isn’t bad.


09.15am | Snuggles with Chief (for a little too long) // I like to do this on days that I’m not in work because I don’t have time on work days. He loves an ear rub // Lady was busy out the back garden barking at the neighbour’s cats.


09.52am | Breakfast time // Soaked porridge with 0% fat Greek yoghurt and berries // I also took this time to scroll through my Instagram and Facebook feeds.



10.33am | Brushing my teeth // Pyjamas and slippers // I have to use a soft toothbrush because my gums bleed very easily.


10.45am | Pain Killers // My back is not as good as I thought it was so some paracetamol will help with the pain // Hopefully it will be back to normal tomorrow 


11.01am | Organising my craft room // It’s a slow process but I’m getting an hour or two in each day while I’m off work // Trying to purge a lot of craft supplies // I’m also checking back over my files to see if I can minimise what I need to keep.


11.18am | Purging & organising stickers // relocating my stickers from one of my Ikea Alex units to one of my Raskog carts with my Project Life kits // I find I forget to use them because they’re not kept with my kits. Hopefully this will remind me to use them more.


11.44am | Purge complete, still organising // It’s taking a little bit longer than I thought.


12.37pm | Stickers on the bottom shelf of my two Raskog carts under my Project Life kits // I organised my Project Life kits alphabetically yesterday and added labels using my Brother label printer and black card // the black sack is for recycling.1.26pm

01.26pm | Time to put my make-up on and get dressed // Yes, I’m aware it’s the middle of the day but what’s the rush when you don’t have to leave the house.


01.51pm | OOTD // All black, everything.


02.13pm | Time to leave the house.


02.37pm | Lunch and a chat with my friend Jade // In a pub in the village I live in // Cajun Chicken on Ciabatta.


03.32pm | Hood is up because it’s raining // Irish weather is unpredictable // The sun was splitting the sky yesterday.


03.49pm | Food shopping // picking up some food for lunches and dinners over the weekend // I also got some flowers to brighten this rainy day.


04.04pm | Came home too these two guilty faces // The stuffing was pulled out of one of the cushions.


04.30pm | Flowers // cutting the stems of the flowers and putting them in vases // I’m also tidying the kitchen and putting the food shopping away.


05.01pm | Dropping in to Dad and Marian // I wanted to drop something in and stayed a while to chat.


05.07pm | Dad’s dogs // Chilling in their crate even though they don’t have to. 


05.28pm | Hair up // out of my way because I’m ready to sit down and finish off March’s One Little Word prompt before I check out April’s lesson.


05.39pm | Vision board for One Little Word // flicking through some magazines to find pictures that represent balance for my One Little Word vision board.


06.25pm | Spending time with Chief and Lady // I can work on my One Little Word prompt anywhere so I’m doing it in the living room so I can spend time with the dogs // even if they would prefer to just snuggle together and fall asleep // Chief fell asleep looking out the window // Lady is happy once shes snuggling near Chief.


07.05pm | A tea dinner with my Dad and Marian // A perfect Friday, rainy day dinner.


07.50pm | Nose biter // chatting to Dad and Marian while Klaus bites Dad’s nose.


08.28pm | More snuggling // the picture is blurry because the lighting is poor in that room but she’s too cute not to post it // I sat with Lady and Chief for another little while and watched the soaps.


09.43pm | Sweeping the floor // someone tell me how 1 woman and 2 dogs can make such a mess in 1 day // something tells me Lady brought a lot of this in from the back garden.


10.03pm | April’s One Little Word Lesson // sitting on my bed for a few minutes to check out this month’s lesson // reading the PDF, I’ll watch the video tomorrow.


10.19pm | Some more tidying // back to the craft room for another while // working through a box of miscellaneous things like thread, pens and notebooks.


12.41am | Bedtime // technically not the same day but my bedtime is rarely before midnight // taking my make-up off in bed.


12.46am | A little reading before I sleep.


Did any of you take part in Ali’s ‘Day in the Life’? How do you plan to document it?


2 Thoughts on “Day in the Life

  1. Stephen on April 4, 2016 at 6:25 pm said:

    Why wasn’t I informed it was chips, eggs, beans and sausages for dinner that day? You just said ‘dinner’, if it was chips, eggs, beans and sausages I defo would have stayed

    • I did Day in the Life on Friday. The day you were invited for dinner was Sunday. You turned down a Sunday dinner you strange man!

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