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I decided to take a leaf out of My Tiny Mind‘s book and do a sort of review on an Irish pub abroad. There’s a pub not too far from the apartment Dane is renting called McGettigan’s and as far as I’m aware, it’s Irish owned.  I’m inclined to agree with My Tiny Mind in that Irish pubs abroad are usually not at all like pubs in Ireland so they would rarely be top of my list of places to find when I’m away from home. McGettigan’s, however, is different. It seems to be based on a more modern style Irish pub and has all the points Irish people look for in a pub. Number 1 and most important – it serves a nice cold pint (Bulmers for me), number 2 – it serves good food, and number 3 – it’s comfortable with an enjoyable atmosphere. 


I’ve been to McGettigan’s a few times now on my trips to Dubai, so it wasn’t my first visit and they serve food that will make you want to come back. I went for the cod and chips which is served with mushy peas. I’m not sure if mushy peas are a popular food around the world but they’re big in Ireland. You can expect them with Sunday dinners in most Irish households. Anyway, my meal was delicious. As you can see they serve really big chips which get a 10 out of 10 from me (I’m getting really sick of skinny fries Dubai – take note). Dane went for the full Irish (which is technically a breakfast meal but it’s served all day) and in usual form, completely changed what was on the menu to suit him, because he’s not picky at all (large side order of sarcasm please). He decided against the black and white pudding and tomato and much to his delight was rewarded with more hash browns. It’s also worth mentioning that the sausages in McGettigan’s are delicious, which is very important to Irish people as we have the best sausages in the world. I have absolutely no proof to back that up and I don’t need it. They just are.


So as not to end on a bad note, I’m going to jump straight to the negatives now. There are only two. Number 1 – you can still smoke in the pubs in Dubai which is not exactly McGettigan’s fault because there’s a law in Dubai which allows it. However, there is a separate section for eating which is non-smoking so it’s not so bad. Number 2 – The only thing the menu, or in fact any part of the pub, lets itself down on when it comes to it’s ‘Irishness’ is the use of the word pudding instead of dessert. In my almost 26 years of life, I’ve never once heard dessert called pudding in Ireland. England, yes. Ireland, nooooo! Pudding is something you get at Christmas or the meat mentioned above  in Ireland and a type of mousse in a pot in the U.S. It is not a substitute for the word dessert. 


Finally, the entertainment in McGettigan’s is always very good. They have live bands playing regularly and have brought over some big Irish bands, singers and comedians. We went to see The Coronas there in February and it’s a perfect intimate venue. They seem to have RTE 2 (Bog 2) on at least 1 television at all times, further cementing it’s ‘Irishness’. Overall, I’m going to give McGettigan’s a 9 out of 10, which I’m sure they’re delighted about…or else they will just carry on completely oblivious to this blog post. The latter sounds more like it. 

8 Thoughts on “McGettigan’s – Dubai

  1. Well I would have had to go with your Mans meal I don’t like fish unless it has a shell on it and I hate peas. Don’t hate me:( LOVE YOU CANT WAIT TO YOUR NEXT BLOG:)

    • Haha that’s okay Mags. We can’t be the same on EVERYTHING!! I only started eating peas this year and I only eat mushy peas. Garden peas=yuck! With all this free time I have, you won’t be long waiting for another post.

  2. Enjoyed the blog Paparali. McGettigans looks great too. Shoot the spell check…desert…dessert maybe?

    • I actually fixed that a couple of times, maybe I have desert on the brain or maybe it’s just because I’m in the desert it decided it’s a more important word. Either way…I’m on it. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I imagined an Irish accent while reading this. Superb. And now I’m hungry.

  4. I love that you did a review of an Irish pub abroad. I was going to ask you the other day what you thought of “Irish” pubs that aren’t in Ireland. There are plenty here in the US! I always get the feeling like they are trying too hard. I also hate when the beer isn’t ice cold (we a regulars at one place and the beer is USUALLY cold, just on occasion isn’t not, like they accidentally left the cooler door open) and then I say something about the beer temp and they ALWAYS give the excuse “actually the beer is supposed to be slightly chilled, not cold. That’s how it is served in Ireland”. It is usually followed with me rolling my eyes. Haha. I’m glad to hear that you like COLD beer! Lol.

    • Well that is definitely their excuse Whitney but it’s not true. Most Irish people like their drinks really cold and even drink ice in cider. They definitely like beer cold. For such a small country, there’s lots of Irish pubs abroad. It’s crazy really and you’re right, a lot of the time it’s all very green and ‘top of the morning to ya’ type stuff. That’s not what they’re like in Ireland really. Some pubs especially in the city centre of Dublin have bands playing traditional Irish music but other than that it’s hard to explain what the pubs are like. There’s only one thing for it… you will have to come to Ireland and see for yourself.

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