Paparali Picks: Sibling friendships, Lockdown Latest & Anti-Racism Daily

This photograph makes me laugh. You can’t see it in this black & white version but we turned up to the pub in matching khaki t-shirt and black jeans outfits.

Sibling Friendships –

I grew up with one sibling. He is 6 years and 8 months older than me and it’s taken me until the ripe old age of 33 to realise he’s also one of my closet friends. I read a newsletter email recently from Allie Lehman and she talks about the close friendship she has with her brother and sister and it only dawned on me, as I was reading it, that your siblings can be your friends. That sounds really silly now. I think there’s an assumption that if you’re a girl and you have a sister, you have a friend for life, but it’s not really considered the same with a brother. I won’t pretend we’re always best pals or that we never argue. We definitely do and absolutely nobody else on the planet can wind me up quite like my brother can. That being said, when I look back, because there was only two of us growing up, we’ve been pals for most of our lives and he has always had my back. I think as adults, a big part of it is that we’re friends with each other’s partners too. As siblings, we’ve been there to witness all of the big moments in each other’s lives, the ups and the downs and I’m very excited to see how he navigates the next big chapter in his life as he becomes a dad for the first time. Spoiler: I think he’s going to be pretty great.

Lockdown Latest –

We’re currently at Level 3 Lockdown in Dublin. With the numbers of new cases lately, I don’t know how we’ll avoid Level 4. I knew there would be a second wave and we would end up in lockdown again, but it still feels really shitty. I just want to say that if you are feeling the same, that’s okay, it’s perfectly fine and you don’t have to cope with it as well as or any better than you did the first time. There are no rules for how to navigate this kind of thing.

Anti-Racism Daily –

I signed up to a newsletter called Anti-Racism Daily a few months ago. It focuses mostly on systemic racism in the U.S. but I’ve learned a lot about how our daily practices often support white supremacy. I would definitely recommend signing up to it if you are interested in learning more about it and are open to finding out more about how to practice anti-racism. You can find out more about it and sign up here.

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