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    Paparali Picks: Sibling friendships, Lockdown Latest & Anti-Racism Daily

    Sibling Friendships – I grew up with one sibling. He is 6 years and 8 months older than me and it’s taken me until the ripe old age of 33 to realise he’s also one of my closet friends. I read a newsletter email recently from Allie Lehman and she talks about the close friendship she has with her brother and sister and it only dawned on me, as I was reading it, that your siblings can be your friends. That sounds really silly now. I think there’s an assumption that if you’re a girl and you have a sister, you have a friend for life, but it’s not really…

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    Hi There!

    If you’re not new around here, you might notice that we’re back to square one. A blank slate. A new look to the blog and absolutely no previous content. Technology did what it sometimes does and it had a little moment while trying to run an update and just like that, everything was lost. I can’t blame technology entirely, because I clearly hadn’t backed the content up, and try as he might, my tech guy (yeah okay, my dad!) couldn’t work magic and restore content that just no longer existed. So here we are, 7 years of content gone and left with the decision to give up the ghost or…