Savings Jar

Argh! I hate it when a plan doesn’t come together. I was starting to lose faith in whether the Create 52 project was even going to really get started, never mind get finished and then I thought…maybe I’m over thinking this! I went back to the drawing board and thought about what the purpose of Create 52 really was and the purpose was to encourage me to do creative things more often. Life is busy and that’s not an excuse but I still want to be creative. So sometimes my creative activities will be small things but I’m going to share them anyway. The best part of this whole project is that when I rushed to put the idea together, I didn’t set a time limit in writing, so obviously I had a year in my head because there’s 52 weeks in a year but realising that probably isn’t possible doesn’t mean I have to give up on the whole project.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. I’ve had a big old ugly plastic money box for about 6 years or more and it burst at the bottom a couple of weeks ago so I (with a lil help from my friends, okay family) counted the money and bagged it to lodge it into my bank account. Now I have to tell you, I was so grateful that ugly old money box was gone but then I had nowhere to save my money. BING! Light bulb moment! I’m sort of obsessed with jars (as in I can lose HOURS of my day checking Pinterest for cool jar ideas)  so I went to IKEA (duh!) and bought a big  jar. The I added some map alpha stickers that say ‘Adventure Fund’ and wallah….new savings jar. Because let’s face it, all anyone really wants to save for is to travel the world. My new rule is that every Friday any change that I have goes in the jar.

What do you save your coins in and what are you saving for?