Toppings Choosing toppings! Finished product

Just before my favourite 4 year old left for Australia in September we had an  ice-cream party. And by party I mean Kiara, Layla and I sat around the table and stuffed ourselves with ice-cream and lots of different toppings. 

I think it’s a really fun ideas for kids and adults. It’s so simple. All you have to do is let people chose their ice-cream flavours and then ave a selection of toppings for them to add themselves. I used paper ice-cream tubs that I picked up really cheap. I added the toppings to jars and ramekins and put them on the Lazy Susan so everyone could get at the toppings. We had strawberry, mint choc chip, vanilla, cookie dough and peanut butter ice-cream. Our toppings included strawberries, marshmallows, Smarties, cookies, Maltesers, jelly beans and jelly babies.

Sounds great huh? Come on, who doesn’t like ice-cream? 



I’m excited to share my first project from my new Create 52 project. I bought this plain canvas really cheap in a chain shop (Euro Giant) and used a gold sharpie for the quote.

The quote is from the song Swinging on a Star by Bing Crosby. My grandad sang this song constantly and you would often hear him saying “or would you rather be a fish?” to himself.

It’s up on my wall now & I will think of him every time I see it.

Create 52

I’m majorly impressed with those people who take part in Craft 365 projects. Like 365. As in a different craft project each DAY for a YEAR. I wouldn’t even attempt it because I honestly don’t think I’d make it through an entire week. For one, there are some days I’m so tired after work that thinking is difficult and two, I’m really not creative enough to come up with that many craft ideas. 

So with that in mind I’ve decided I’m going to attempt a Create 52 project. I’m calling it Create 52 because it could include anything from sewing projects to scrap-booking spreads to baked goods. Some will be pretty small projects that I can  do in a few hours and some will be bigger projects that I can work on each evening for the week. 

I haven’t decided what way I’ll share the projects here yet but I’m going to attempt to share them every Sunday.

I hope some people will join me or share some project ideas along the way.


Craft room

The box room of our house has been my office/walk-in wardrobe/craft room for years now but I really wasn’t using it the way I could have been. The room wasn’t the way I wanted it and wasn’t at all organised. If I’m completely honest, it was a waste of a room. Last October I tidied it up a bit and freshened up the paint (who am I kidding? Scratch that, my Mam kindly offered to freshen up the paint). The room was fine and you can see some pictures from that update here but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

Towards the end of this summer the room got a big overhaul  and now I love spending time in there. It was painted again (guess who by? She’s a diamond, that mother of mine). We went with white this time. Its in the front of the house and doesn’t have the best natural light so white was the best we option. I also added a high wattage bulb and got rid of the light shade. I added a narrow vanity unit I already had as a type of desk which I plan to replace with a white Ikea desk at some point. The other big edition to the room was an Alex unit from Ikea. I am not lying when I tell you I’m obsessed with them. You can check them out here. I use it to store my 12×12 paper, stamps, inks, pens and scissors. I’ve arranged the new (to this room) vanity unit so that when I’m facing it in my chair I have my bureau open behind me with more desk space and some of stickers and other materials for working on my Project Life album. I still use my Ikea Raskog cart to store my Project Life kits. I also replaced the coloured storage boxes in the wooden unit with black and white ones. There was no reason for this other than I think they’re prettier. I’m also happy that I’ve made the best use of space, I have my Canon Selphy, my tripod and all of my wrapping paper (in an Ikea platic bag storage container) hanging on a coat rack on the back of the door. 

I mostly use my craft room for blogging, Project Life, some other little projects and now I intend to use it for sewing projects too. Do you have any tips for maximising the use of your craft space?