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I want to start off by saying I do not have green fingers. Or at least I wouldn’t know if I did because the closest I’ve come to any type of gardening is watering the plants when someone is away for a week. I love a cactus as much as the next person so I decided I wanted to plant some terrariums. I had a quick look on Pinterest and it looked pretty simple to me so I went to the garden centre to buy the materials.

I already had the glass vases and  had been using them for candles but decided to change it up. I bought the cacti and succulents  (between IKEA and my local garden centre. IKEA was considerable cheaper), soil and stones.

The process was pretty easy and enjoyable. I covered the table in plastic sheets (it was raining outside!!) and got to work. I put some white and some black stones in the bottom of the vases for the water to have somewhere to drain to. Next I added the soil almost to the top. The most difficult part was planting the cacti because there wasn’t a lot of room but I wanted to fit three in each vase. Once they were in, I put a few more stones on top to cover the soil and make it look better. 

I enjoyed it so much I decided to plant a larger succulent in a plant pot and some more in a wooden box that was supposed to be used for an indoor herb garden. I waited a while to write this post because I wanted to see if they’d survive…and they have! 

I love that cacti and succulents don’t require a lot of looking after. Any tips for easy to care for plants?

FlowersI haven’t blogged in about 3 months and I’ve had this weird pressure feeling of it hanging over me the more time that passed by.

I read somewhere once that you shouldn’t explain why you haven’t blogged because it gives the impression that something else was more important. Well I think that it’s okay to take a little hiatus because sometimes living life is more important than blogging about it. 

I’ve thought over and over about how to start again. I easily have 20 blog posts in my head so inspiration hasn’t been a problem. I made lists of the posts and I organised the photographs into albums on my computer but for some reason I just kept stopping short of actually writing the posts. 

So today I decided to ‘just do it’ so stay tuned for more very soon…maybe…probably!

P.S. Here’s a photograph of some flowers because who doesn’t like flowers.