Before Craft knife and pins Before the paint Yellow ceramic paint Finished product

I bought a notice board so that I could try to make plans for each month for craft projects and blog posts. I don’t know about anyone else but this girl could always do with being a bit more organised. I put it on the wall and straight away I felt like it was a bit boring. So I got to work straight away with my plans to make it a bit more interesting, after all, a boring old notice board isn’t going to inspire you to come up with wonderful craft and blog ideas.

I got some material from IKEA in black and off-white. I’m kind of obsessed with black at white at the minute. I covered the noticed board with the material and pinned it into place. I then used a craft knife to cut the material around the inside of the frame of notice board. I wasn’t too worried about it turning out perfect, but it worked pretty well. Next I used superglue to stick the material to the board. It didn’t really matter if the glue showed through because of the design on the material but if you were using a block colour you might need to test the glue out first.

I liked it at that point but I still felt there was something missing so I decided to paint the wood my other favourite colour right now – yellow. I used a sponge and yellow ceramic paint. I had lots of it left over, but that’s a different story for another day. I’m delighted with how it turned out. It’s yellow but you can still see the wood grain through the paint.

I definitely think it’s going to help to inspire me to come up with great craft ideas. It also brightens up my craft room which is an added bonus. How do you keep track of lists and plans? 

Bathroom rack (before)

Craft rack detailsCompleted craft rack

1) The rust on the rack before I cleaned it up,  2) Craft rack sprayed gold,  3) Finished craft rack in between albums and books

Re-purposing is the new brand new, am I right? At the end of the Summer when we were filling the skip with stuff from the boxroom (more about that here) I told my Dad to throw any bits he wanted to get rid of onto the skip. He put a steel bathroom rack on as it was getting rusty and he was planning to replace it with something else. Straight away I noticed it and thought it would be perfect for crafting materials. I took it off the skip and spent a bit of time cleaning off the rust. I used tin foil (aluminum foil) and vinegar to clean it and if you can stand the feeling of the foil on the steel it works a treat. Next to decide what colour I wanted to change it to. I found cheap spray paint in black, white, silver and gold. I decided to go with the gold. It turned out perfect and I’m delighted with the finished product. I’ve sprayed a couple of things since and I’m kind of addicted. Keep an eye out for more resprays popping up.

LadyChiefChief & Lady

1) Lady, 2) Chief,  3) Chief and Lady with the widest eyes in the world. 2 guesses as to what I was holding in my hand above the lens.


Challenge Post 4: A List of 5 Things You Like About Something


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

– Josh Billings


I mean, really, what else am I going to write about for this challenge post? Obviously there are lots of things I could write about, but I decided since there are easily a 100 things I like about my dogs, the hardest thing should be minimising it to 5. 


1. Their loyalty

This one goes for the majority of dogs. They’re so loyal. Some people love the independence cats have but I think there’s nothing like the loyalty a dog has.


2. Lady’s unwavering need to protect Chief from other dogs.

She is a Jack Russell after all, so it’s in her nature to protect her pack, but when she goes out for walks her main job is to protect Chief. She fights with him regularly in the house and often growls warnings at him if he gets too close to her pet humans, but when they’re around other dogs it’s a different story. He panics with his tail between his legs and she circles him, growling at any dog that comes near. It kind of reminds me of the loyalty siblings have. I give out about my brother and fight with him sometimes, but the minute anyone else says anything about him I go into protective mode.


3. Their greetings

If you leave for a long time, when you return a cat will sometimes ignore you for days. Dogs, however, will greet you with such excitement it often makes them actually cry.  If you have never watched videos on YouTube of the reaction dogs have when their owners return from war, do it now. Although, be prepared for the emotional roller coaster. What I actually like most about it is that you could be gone for days and they get excited when they see you, but you get the best possible reaction when you go out to the car to get something and come straight back.


4. Chief’s Basset Hound laziness

I think if you continued to rub him he would never move other than to eat. Getting rubs and  eating treats are his all  time favourite things. He’s such a big slob and would sleep all day if he could. He has an obsession with snuggling under blankets. If you let him on the sofa and cover him with a blanket he’ll twist until it’s wrapped around him and he won’t move for hours. He thinks he’s a tiny puppy so sometimes he just wants to lie on your lap and sigh up into your face.  The last of his Basset traits that I love are the facial expressions. At any given moment he can look sad, confused, surprised (my personal favourite) or happy (usually when hes lying upside down and it looks like he’s smiling.). Either way, they’re all hilarious.


5. Their company

Last, but certainly not least, I like their company. They have been my saving grace this past year while Dane has been away. My family and friends have been amazing but it’s those moments of quietness when no-one is around and a tiny bit of loneliness kicks in that they have been  there. Always available for a snuggle when you need it. Always willing to share their warmth (but never their treats…obviously). Somehow they always know when all you need is a good cuddle.

adding fake blood

before hairstyle creepy smile Jane Dane as a dead pilot Dead pilot Dane & I

1) Make-up on, contacts in, starting to create fake blood,  2) Fake blood,  3) Evil smile,  4) Jane from Twilight,  5) Dane’s costume involved a lot of tissue paper and liquid latex,  6) Dane dressed as a dead pilot,  7) Quick lift (elevator) photo on our way out

I dressed up as Jane from Twilight for Halloween and it was easy and fun. I thought I’d go through my costume in case anyone is interested in dressing up as Jane sometime. 

The biggest part of this costume is the cloak. It would be pretty easy to make one but because I only decided on my costume on the day and I’m pretty lazy I bought mine. It needs to be full length, have full length loose sleeves and a hood. Simples. You could go all out and go for a velvet material but any material will do.

For the face you need a pale foundation which you can mix with some white face paint so you have the coverage of a foundation with Jane’s pale complexion. Cover your face & neck with the mixture. Finish off with a matte powder because you don’t want any shine (I’m pretty sure you can’t sweat when you’re dead). Next you need plenty of dark grey and black eye shadow and black eye liner for the eyes. You should also use a red/brown colour for the point where your eye lid meets your brow bone. You can decide to leave your lips plain or choose a dark lipstick but it’s important to know that Jane’s lips are usually a brown colour so I would suggest a brown lip liner because you’re looking for a matte finish. I didn’t have a pencil so I used a nude lipstick and put a light brown eye shadow on over it which worked very well. It stayed on all night too – bonus!

Although you don’t often see Jane’s fangs I think it’s a good idea to add some and a bit of fake blood to get the full vampire effect. My fangs didn’t work out so I went without. The last big touch of the outfit is red contact lenses. They pull the costume together as her eyes are always red. Jane permanently wears her hair up. I won’t go into detail as to how to do it here as I’ve no video demo but you can find one on YouTube and it’s quite easy. Then you just need to add a silver pendant type necklace & some black shoes of any type as they’ll mostly be covered and you’re done! Not bad for a last minute costume. 

Price List:

Cloak €30

Foundation – my own (I’m pretty pale naturally so it worked out well)

White face paint (liquid) – €3

Matte face powder – €6

Black, grey and brown eye shadow – my own ( I used the Urban Decay Naked Pallet)

black eye liner – my own

Fangs – €4

Fake blood – €4

Red contact lenses – €15

Silver pendant necklace – €6

Black shoes – My own


Total cost: €68 but you could save at least €20 by making your own cloak.