1) Maximising space by putting some of my shoes on the windowsill, it’s really wide so it was going to waste otherwise,   2) Organising my clothes. It was so hard to pack one suitcase for such a long time. Also, I’m loving prints this summer.

So week 1 of 7 and a half weeks in Dubai is over and it went by pretty fast. I won’t lie and say I’ve done all sorts of different, exciting and interesting things. I haven’t. I’ve actually done very little. I arrived just on time for Dane’s weekend (which is Friday and Saturday here) and it was really great to spend two full days together in a row… We haven’t been able to do that since December (Crazy or what?) because up until this visit Dane has only had one day off a week.

During the day when Dane is in work I’ve been sleeping in, washing clothes, rearranging things to make better use of the small wardrobe space and kitchen space, blogging (a bit), reading, catching up on my favourite blogs, going to the gym, catching up on some work ( a very small bit), swimming and relaxing. Then when Dane gets home from work we do really normal stuff, such as, eat dinner, go to the cinema, eat amazing ice-cream, catch up on TV programmes, go shopping, watch films, eat junk food and talk about our day. It’s crazy how much you enjoy doing these everyday normal things together when you only get the chance to do them every once and a while. I could say I won’t take the little things for granted again but I know I will…and that’s life.

This coming week we’re really excited for our friends Jade and Owen to come and stay. They arrive on Sunday so we have this coming weekend together before they arrive. We’re going to take it easy as I’d say we’re in for a busy 10 days. Stay tuned for part 2. Xoxo


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without sun glasseswith sunglasses filter

1) Without sunglasses filter,  2) With sunglasses filter

Sometimes I like to use sunglasses to create a filter when taking photographs. There are times when I like a scene but I think a slight colour change would improve the end product. All you have to do is hold the sunglasses up to your camera lens when taking the photograph. It works really well with my iPhone too. Has anyone tried it?

Dad's Father's Day presentMy boy ChiefCrispy bitsMy girl LadyPrints for DubaiShellac nails

1) Father’s Day present for my Dad,  2) Chief dreaming away,  3) Crispy bits from the nicest fish and chip shop in Ireland – Leo Burdocks – I went there with my Dad for lunch,  4) Lady’s paws,  5) Packing lots of prints for my summer in Dubai,  6) Coral nails for my holiday


Stephen carving the beefIMG_5522(2)Dad and his cocktailIce-cream sundae

I cooked dinner for my family last week so we could sit down for a meal before I left for Dubai.  Everybody is so busy all the time, so it’s nice to spend some time together. We had some nice food and made some cocktails. I’m really excited to be in Dubai with Dane but I’ll miss everyone at home.

My DadWith my Dad and StephenMy Dad and IMy Dad and IMy Grandad and I

1) My Dad looking cool in his leather Jacket in the 1980’s,  2) With my Dad and Stephen on what I think was my first Christmas,  3) Me and my Dad on holiday in the 1990’s  4)In Rome with my Dad in 2011  5) With my Grandad around 7 or 8 months before he died.

I’m a self-proclaimed Daddy’s girl so what else would I blog about today than my Dad? I get a hard time from the rest of my family all of the time for being such a Daddy’s girl but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s pretty amazing (don’t tell him though, his ego couldn’t handle it). Growing up my Dad would do anything for us.When me and Stephen were kids, my Dad worked in a job that he hated and he worked terrible shifts which meant he didn’t get to see us nearly as much as he would have liked. He worked in that job to provide for us and he did it for years. When he wasn’t working he was usually making things to earn some extra money for our family.Maybe when I have kids of my own I’ll understand but I can’t imagine doing the things he’s done for us. I always rely on my Dad, probably a little too much but, I really can’t imagine not having that support there. When I’m in trouble or need help he’s always the first person I go to and I think it will always be that way. I’ve learned so much from my Dad. Let’s face it, they just don’t make them like they used to.

So here’s some information about my Dad:

1. He works in Adult Education, the same as I do and he’s my boss. I’m so glad I took his advice on my career choice when I had no clue what I wanted to do. 

2. He’s the youngest of three children.

3. He’s the hardest worker I know (and that’s not always a good thing).

4. He knows everything, I mean everything. He’ll try to tell you he doesn’t but he’s the most intelligent person I’ve ever met. You want him on your team for trivia games and table quizzes (just not the sport round although he will probably get some of them right too).

5. We’re very alike. I get told all the time I look like my dad. We have the same taste in a lot of things including books and music but rarely films.

6. He’s very stubborn (hey, I told you we’re alike)

7.  He hates sport. I get my love of Football from my Mam.

Anyway that’s enough of that because I wouldn’t want to make him blush. I think it’s only right to mention my Grandad here too. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the decisions he made in his life but that’s a story for another day. He’s no longer with us and I miss him terribly especially on days like today. He was an amazing Grandad and a great pal.


Robbie Fowler

So this photograph is kind of blurry because it was taken in low light on my iPhone  but, in the spirit of Thursday, which is the day of the throwback, I decided to upload it. For those who don’t know, this is Robbie Fowler. I got the chance to meet him in March of this year and it was amazing. He’s a former Liverpool Football Club player and my favourite player of all time. When I started this blog, I mentioned that it was more for me and that someday I hoped my grandchildren would read it. Well this is a picture I want to share for that reason. I got to meet one of my heroes and let’s face it, that doesn’t happen everyday.

Sunny Ireland

(Photo courtesy of my brother Stephen McCann)

We’ve had a couple of weeks of really sunny weather here in Ireland lately. Unfortunately the rain showed itself yesterday evening and continued all through the night. It got me thinking about how the weather can really affect your mood. In my opinion  – and it’s likely that I’m completely biased and it’s definite that I don’t have all that much evidence – there’s no better place to be than Ireland when the sun is shining. It’s a rare thing because we’re lucky if we get a few weeks of sunshine each year. However, you’re almost guaranteed to find sun here the first week of June because the Leaving Cert exams (post primary state exams for anyone who’s not familiar with our system) are happening and the first week of September because the kids are just back in school. This might seem like a ridiculous theory but it proves itself as fact almost every year. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes…the effect the sun has. As a general rule, although a tiny country, Irish people have a pretty good reputation around the world for being friendly. However, I’m absolutely sure that if you visited Ireland in the sun and then again in the rain, you would really see a difference.  The sun brings out the absolute best in Irish people. Everyone is happier and friendlier. I met a woman once who moved to Ireland during a gorgeous Irish summer. She loved it so much and couldn’t wait to tell everyone at home how amazing Ireland and Irish people were. Once the autumn and winter came in she saw a massive change in the attitudes of people in Ireland. They were still nice but not as happy or friendly. So if you’re from outside Ireland and thinking of coming to visit, I’d suggest early June or early September.


Jade (Left), me (middle) and Kiara (right)Al & EmmaJade & OwenCaptain Morgan & OrangeGav and JennieJade, Kiara, Emma, Jennie & Imy girlsFriends

1) With Jade on my left and Kiara on my right,  2) Al and Emma,  3) Jade and Owen – teamwork!  4) Captain Morgan and orange – tastes just like a Super Split,  5) Gav and Jennie  6) My girls,  7) Having fun & being silly,  8) Drinks with friends

My friend Jennie had a barbecue and drinks in her garden on Saturday to celebrate her birthday. We had amazing food and loads of fun enjoying the sun. The weather was perfect which really adds to the atmosphere because it’s so rare.  As you can see from the pictures, it got a bit silly but that’s all part of the fun and I always have the funniest time with the girls. It’s great to catch these moments in photographs that we can all look back on. I was drinking Bay Breeze cocktails and they were easy and delicious. I was delighted to let Dane know I’d found a holiday drink. I’m usually really picky and end up trying one or two cocktails and giving up when I can’t find one I like.  I also had some Captain Morgan and orange which tastes just like a Super Split ice-cream.

DinnerTaco Shells99'seating ice-creams

We’ve been having lovely weather the last couple of weeks which is very unusual for Ireland. It’s great to be able to have dinner outside for a change. I made Mexican food during the week for my mam and Stephen and we sat outside to eat. Of course you have to have ice-cream in this weather so I made some 99’s. They’re an Irish summer must-have. They were delicious. 

Flowers Flowers

I got a present of these beautiful flowers from a group of students I’ve been working with since September. I was pleasantly surprised when they brought them in for me on the last day. I love receiving flowers. They put me in a good mood, but I never really buy them for myself. That’s silly really. Note to self: buy flowers occasionally – if they brighten up your day, they’re worth it.