“The beauty of anti-racism is that you don’t have to pretend to be free of racism to be an anti-racist. Anti-racism is the commitment to fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself. And it’s the only way forward” – Ijeoma Oluo

It has taken me far too long to write and share this post. I was holding off in doing so because I wanted to write it in a way that didn’t make it about me. I was also worried about saying the wrong things.There has been a lot going on in the world and on social media since the barbaric and untimely death of George Floyd on the 25th May 2020. I have posted to social media, I have shared stories and information to my Instagram stories but I have also listened, I’ve learned, I’ve signed petitions and I’ve donated. Now I want to use this (very modest) platform to share some of what I have learned and some of the resources I’ve found useful.

On Tuesday the second of June I posted a black square to my instagram grid with the hashtag #BlackoutTuesday. Thankfully I had already noticed posts saying not to use #BlackLivesMatter because it erased lots of very important information and so I didn’t have to delete it for that reason. I did, however, spend the day considering whether or not to delete my post. I was consuming so much content on the topic throughout the day. Some people said delete the square, it’s not helpful, others said keep the square once you have not used the Black Lives Matter hashtag. I didn’t know what the “right” thing to do was. I kept the post. I kept the post but I wasn’t silent. I used the day to share some resources I found and to try and amplify melanated voices and I’ve continued to try to use my platform to do that. It’s not helpful if you posted a black square and then moved on with your life because you could, because in reality it’s “not your problem”. 

I’ve learned it’s not enough to say “I don’t have a problem with black people” or “Well I’m not a racist”. It’s not enough to just be ‘not racist’. I need to be anti-racist. I need to use my white privilege to call out racism and to support black people. If you’re reading this and thinking “I want to be an ally but it’s hard or it’s uncomfortable to call people out on their racism”, I found the tweet below from @kthpupp and it really hit home:

“Whether you like it or not, this year will be written in history, your children will be educated of these events. They are going to ask you what you did, wouldn’t it be embarrassing to say to your own children that you did nothing because you were uncomfortable.”



  • Sharing videos of black people being killed by police is not constructive. How many videos of white people being killed have you seen on social media? We have had camera phones for about 15 years. It hasn’t ended racism yet. It’s also not raising awareness that black people are disproportionately killed by police. Is there anyone who doesn’t already know that? Talking about it and raising awareness, however, is important. @akilahh said on Instagram:

“When I say ‘don’t look away’ I don’t mean consume black death like it’s a meme on TikTok. I mean look in the mirror. Look at your family. Look at the community you live in. Look at your friend group. Look at the wealthy white woman with the recuse dog in the goddamn park. And don’t look away.”

  • Stop asking black people what you can do. Please don’t assume that every black person is a spokesperson for their entire race. It’s also unfair to expect them to have all of the answers. Use your time to educate yourself. Google it. Follow anti-racist educators on social media, go through their back catalogues, read books on the topic. 
  • We need to stop telling oppressed people how to protest. I want to make it very clear that I do not agree with violence and I don’t think it solves anything. That being said, it’s very small minded to have the attitude of “why can’t you just protest peacefully” or ” why cant you protest the right way”. Black people have tried marching. It didn’t work. They tried taking a knee. That wasn’t right either. famous people have spoken out about racism. That hasn’t ended it. It’s also a huge distraction to let the actions of the few take away from the actions/intentions of the many. This post on Instagram from @ZerlinaMaxwell sums it up so well. 


If you have any information or resources to share with me, I’d love to hear them. My intention with this post was to be supportive and to share resources I’ve found useful. I’m learning everyday and don’t promise to always get it right. I’m open to correction if anything I’ve said was inaccurate, unhelpful or hurtful.  You can come & chat in the comments, DM me on Instagram or email me at

Anyway, that’s enough from me this week…catch ya next week…maybe!

Ali x



Hi, I’m Ali and I’m addicted to personality type quizzes. I’m also very into other people around me doing them so I can learn more about them. I think you can learn more about someone by their personality type than you can based on what they will tell you about themselves. The personality types that I’m most interested in are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Enneagram. 

I’ll give you a quick background of MBTI in case you haven’t heard of it and you’re interested. It’s a personality test, made up of statements, and you give your answers on a scale of how much you agree or disagree. It was created by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers during World War 2. Their work was based on theory by Carl Jung and it indicates differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.There are 16 different personality types.

My personality type according to Myers-Briggs is INFJ. Introvert (I), Intuition (N) Feeling (F) and Judging (J). Some INFJ traits that definitely apply to me:

  • Hates loud and crowded places
  • Not good with money
  • Take their commitments very seriously
  • Seek life-long relationships
  • Have very high expectation for themselves and others
  • Hates coming home to a dirty house
  • Never compromise their personal values
  • Extremely stubborn if they think they’re right
  • Either non-stop talking or very quiet
  • Organised (but, with me, this really depends on what aspects of life we’re talking about)
  • Always feels like there’s something they can be doing to improve themselves
  • Recharges their energy in solitude
  • Feels anxious about future unknowns
  • Puts pressure on themselves to get things done
  • Extreme dislike for criticism
  • You should never lie to an INFJ, they’ll know and it will matter

If you want to give the test a go, you can here.

The history of the Enneagram of Personality is a bit more unclear but they’re believed to come from the teachings of the Bolivian psycho-spiritual teacher Oscar Ichazo from the 1950s and the Chilean psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo from the 1970s. The Enneagram has 9 different personality types and they’re much easier to remember: 1-9. To make it a little bit more complicated though, it’s believed you have 1 type with a wing type as well. The wings are the two numbers either side of yours. Usually your score much higher in one of them and that is your wing.

My personality type according to Enneagram is Type 6 with a 5 wing.

Some Enneagram 6 traits that definitely apply to me:

  • Tend to be anxious, suspicious and indecisive
  • Loyal
  • Thinks the world is dangerous
  • over feels and over thinks
  • Enjoys true crime stories
  • Security is important
  • Likes to be prepared
  • Doesn’t like sudden changes
  • Stands for justice
  • Expects the worst, hopes for the best
  • Tends to play it safe

If you want to give the test a go, you can here



  • I’m worried about: Lockdown ending. Is that weird? Am I the only 1? Is everyone else just so ready for it to be over that they’re not worrying? I think my personality types above will tell you that it’s not out of the ordinary that I’m worrying. I’ve even been dreaming about it. I think I’m more worried about going back out into the real world than I ever was about being stuck home, but I guess that’s the introvert/over-thinker in me. 
  • I’m reading: I just finished Normal People by Sally Rooney. I can’t decide what to move onto next.
  • I’m enjoying: The glorious sunshine. It was so so nice out yesterday. Today is a little grey but that’s ok. 
  • Online orders: I ordered some festoon lights for the back garden. We also ordered a bench for the front garden that arrived this week. I went wild and ordered 2 pairs of runners/trainers. It’s time I replaced my favourite pair. I think I have them about 6 years now. 
  • Random supermarket purchases: Last week I went to the big Tesco for our food shop and I bought a garden shears, some birthday cards that I plan to use for a gallery wall (maybe) and 3 jumpsuits that were reduced to less than €10 each.
  • I’m watching: We binged Normal People. I loved it. The acting was so good. Dave hated the ending. I found it very emotional and kind of liked it. We’re also working our way through the Star Wars movies in chronological order because Dave hasn’t seen any of them and I haven’t seen the last 3. It’s all very exciting.
  • New Traditions:  We’ve had a cocktail night on a Saturday a couple of times and this is something I definitely want to continue to do when lockdown is over. My new favourite is the Berry Collins (pictured above). I learned the hard way to stick to just one type of cocktail.

Are you doing anything you’d like to keep up after lockdown? If you do the personality tests, please please tell me your results. You can come & chat in the comments, slide into my DMs on Instagram or email me at

Anyway, that’s enough from me this week…catch ya next week…maybe!

Ali x


I promised myself last week that I was going to make the next post about something other than Covid-19 but what else is there right now?


Things I want to do or do more of when this is all over:

  • More family photos. I have approximately one of us all together. 
  • A Sunday afternoon down the pub watching football.
  • Bottomless prosecco brunch in The Exchequer with the girls.
  • The obvious ones – nail appointment, hair appointment etc.
  • More exploring around Dublin. We’ve spent so much time at home since we bought the house which I’m grateful for because we were making it into a place we’re happy to spend all this time in. Now I’m looking forward to spending my weekends out of the house.
  • Go shopping for NON-ESSENTIALS. Let’s be honest, its a Penneys (Primark) and Ikea haul for me!
  • A cheeseburger and skinny fries from Bunsen. If you’re Irish, or visiting Ireland and haven’t had a Bunsen yet. Do yourself a favour. There are 6 in Dublin, 1 in Cork and 1 in Belfast. The Best Burgers.
  • Book that trip to New Orleans we’ve been talking about for the past couple of years. Hopefully in a 2021, post-Trump America.

One quick thing, am I the only one who is a bit worried that I’m going to be even more socially awkward when this is over?

Again, planning fills my cup. If it doesn’t fill yours, don’t do it.


  • I’m worried about: The weather has been pretty damn good up until now, which has made this a whole lot better, but now we’re in for some rain this week and I’m interested to see how many meltdowns I have per day when that happens. Up until now I have been eating at least 1 meal a day out in our little garden. I’ve been working on outdoor projects and I’ve also been spoiled with the option to go for a walk whenever I choose, rather than trying to get one in between showers. Is this making anyone else nervous?
  • II’m reading: I’m almost finished ‘The Book of Life’, the 3rd book in The All Souls Trilogy. I think this has been my favourite of the 3.
  • I’m enjoying: The 100 Day Project is absolutely keeping me sane. At first I thought the timing was terrible because I wouldn’t have the access to supplies whenever I want them, but it’s been great because it has pushed me to work with what I’ve got or can get in the supermarket. It also puts structure on my day that doesn’t involve work, which is really helpful for me. It’s never too late to start your own project. Why not jump in? It can be anything, just do it for 100 days. Sounds simple eh?! The pictures above are 1-20 of my project – 100 Days of Paparali Projects. 
  • Online orders: I ordered some white masonry paint online for painting the wall out the back garden. It arrived today, just on time for all the rain!
  • I’m struggling with: Not seeing the very few people I like to spend time with and working from home. It’s getting harder, not easier.
  • Random supermarket purchases: This week, in the middle aisles of Aldi, I picked up – a new succulent (surprise, surprise), a highlighter (the make-up kind, not the marker kind) and some sanding blocks. Last week, I got an outdoor heater from Lidl. It was a big win and we sat out the back garden until 11pm.
  • I’m watching: We finished Season 3 of Narcos and plan to move onto Narcos: Mexico. We also re-watched Season 1 of After Life on Friday and then watched all of Season 2 on Sunday. I laughed and I cried.

How is lockdown going for you now and what do you plan to do when it’s over? Come & chat in the comments, slide into my DMs on Instagram or email me at

Anyway, that’s enough from me this week…catch ya next week…maybe!

Ali x



I know, I know, you read that heading and groaned. I don’t mean pages and pages of journaling. I just mean that we’re living through history and I, for one, think it will be really interesting to look back in a few years and see what was going on and how I was processing it. I’m using a ‘One Line a Day’ journal so it just takes about 2 minutes each evening. Any notebook would work, once you add the date, but I use this one that I got as a christmas present and love: One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book. If you don’t think you will actually take out a notebook everyday, add it to the notes on your phone and then maybe once a week or something, add it to your journal or notebook.


I don’t take horoscopes very seriously and rarely read them but I really enjoy seeing the characteristics associated with my horoscope. I’m the first day of virgo and my friend recently sent me an Instagram post about virgo traits and she underlined the last point which said “writes tasks they’ve already completed on their list, just so they can cross it out”. I’ve never felt so seen. If I was to describe myself it one sentence, this would be it. I might put it in my Instagram bio.


Some of the things I’ve noticed or want to share from week 642 6 of lockdown:

  • Is it just me or are we starting to get used to being on lockdown? It’s just becoming my new norm. I think there’s an element of that, that comes down to the fact that I’m an introvert and being at home is how I recharge but also, the past two weeks I have been on Easter holidays. This lockdown is much easier when I’m not trying to work from home.
  • This mini episode of the ‘A Beautiful Mess’ podcast. Elsie Larson interviews her 4 year old Daughter Nova and it’s 7 minutes of pure joy.
  • I’m much more eager to smile at strangers. I’m absolutely the type of person who has my face in my phone when I’m in a queue or a lift but these days I find myself looking up and smiling at strangers. I went to Lidl during the week and when the security guard waved me in, I made eye contact and said “thank you very much” and he said ‘it’s my pleasure”. I’m making a mental note to do this kind of thing after lockdown. Stop, slow down, make eye contact, be grateful.
  • My One Little Word for 2020 was Joy and after the first week or two, I stopped associating with it. I kept meaning to pick another and didn’t. I realised this week that it’s the perfect word for this year. The one thing I’m doing these days is trying to find something that brings me joy. I’m also finding joy in much smaller things.
  • You’ve probably read the poem ‘And the people stayed home’ by the Irish American teacher Kitty O’Meara but if you haven’t, check it out. Sile Seoige reads it out at the end of this podcast episode and I could listen to her all day. It’s also a great episode about navigating these strange times.

Come & chat in the comments, slide into my DMs on Instagram or email me at

Anyway, that’s enough from me this week…catch ya next week…maybe!

Ali x

P.s. the beautiful flowers in the photo above are from Bouquet Box, I have a monthly subscription and I love them.


 Just like the previous recession, because let’s face it, this virus will cause a recession, I’m finding myself saying “oh I shouldn’t complain, I’m lucky to still have a job.” In terms of the virus, I’m saying “oh I shouldn’t complain, I’m lucky that so far I’m not sick and the people closest to me are not sick”. They’re very valid points but it’s also okay to feel grateful that I still have a job and still dread Monday because it’s hard to work from home under these circumstances when it feels a bit like one step forward, two steps back. It’s okay to feel grateful that your friends & family are safe but it’s also okay to miss seeing and hugging your loved ones. It’s okay to be really productive and it’s ok to just get through each day. What I’m saying is, it’s okay to feel all of the feelings. There’s no right or wrong with this thing.



  • We’re tipping away at some small jobs I wanted to get done around the house.
  • I’m saving money I would usually spend in restaurants, pubs and shops, but I’m still trying to support small businesses locally and online.
  • I’ve had more time than usual to add a bit of creativity into my day. I’m on Easter holidays so we’ll see how that shifts and changes once I’m back working from home.
  • We’re cooking more meals that involve a bit of thought and effort.
  • We’re eating most meals at the dining table instead of off a plate on our laps in front of the TV, which was a terrible habit we had gotten into.
  • We’re connecting with our friends in a different way by doing quizzes on Zoom. I’m really really bad for connecting with people, other than by text, so it’s pushing this anxious introvert right out of her comfort zone in the best way.
  • Overall, we’re actually watching less TV than normal. We’ve had the odd Netflix binge but we’re also playing games at the dining table, I’m reading much more and I’m being more creative thanks to this blog and The 100 Day Project.
  • Is it just me or are people being kinder to each other on the internet?



  • My diet has been pretty shocking. Eating ALL of the things.
  • As a natural introvert, I’m used to a lot more time alone and I usually get time in the house by myself but I think I’m coping pretty well.
  • I can’t keep the house clean but that’s fine…most of the time.
  • I’m an over-thinker at the best of time and now I’ve a lot of time to worry about silly things.
  • Man, I just really want a hug from my dad. Yes, I’m 32 years old. I’ll always be a daddy’s girl.

What are your lockdown positives and negatives? I’d love to hear them. Come & chat in the comments, slide into my DMs on Instagram or email me at

I took this picture in our front garden. We inherited this garden Buddha from the previous home owners and I really like the way it looks like he’s catching and holding all of the old dead leaves whilst surrounded by the lovely new spring growth. Either that or we’re just lazy and haven’t cleaned up the garden of dead leaves.

Anyway, that’s enough from me this week…catch ya next week…maybe!

Ali x


It’s finally April and I don’t think I’m the only one who will say that that was officially the weirdest and longest March ever. A new month and a new quarter and I’m in planning and project mode. There are definitely days when I don’t want to do anything and there are days when my moods are high one minute and low the next. I keep reminding myself that:

  • I’m not stuck at home, I’m safe at home.
  • Every new day, we’re one day closer to this being over.
  • It is an absolute luxury to be able to stay at home, safe and maybe even bored.


  • This loungewear set from Asos. Yep, they’re technically pyjamas but if I get up in the morning, have a shower and put them on, I’m calling them work clothes. 
  • 10 postcards from @framesthatsparkle on Instagram. They were part of a Fiver Friday offer Caroline runs ever week. I can’t wait for them to arrive. I’ve ordered some great prints from her before.
  • An A5 print from @tinybisonillustration which was part of Steph’s Fiver Friday. I’ve already bought some hand drawn tiny portraits from her and I’m obsessed.


The 100 Day Project starts next Tuesday 7th April and I’m joining in for my 4th year. I usually prefer a really specific project to keep me focused. Last year I did 100 Days of Calligraphy for example, but this year I’m going with a broader topic. I’ve decided to do lots of little projects – 100 Days of Paparali Projects. I’m going to do a mixture of photo projects, home DIY, painting, sewing, baking, Project Life spreads, doodles and more. I’ve been planning my projects and I’m excited to get started. Have you ever tried a 100 Day Project? This could be a good year to give it a try. 


I have been using Elise Blaha Cripe’s ‘Three Things’ method, from her book Big Dreams Daily Joys, to help me stay productive each day during this lockdown (sorry Leo Varadkar, the rest of us are calling it a lockdown even if you’re not). Some days I put tasks on it that might take a few minutes, like watering my succulents. Other days I put tasks on it that might take a few hours, like re-organising my kitchen presses. Sometimes it’s things like drinking more water that I can tip away at throughout the day.

Planning things and making lists recharges and energises me. The point is not to get all of the things done, but to plan and to be a bit more productive. If I get the three things done, great. If I get one thing done, it’s one more than nothing. It’s really not about beating yourself up about the things that didn’t get done. I’m sure I drive some people mad by posting them on Instagram, and that’s fine. They can mute or unfollow. We have the ability to curate our Instagram feeds. This is what works for me. It’s what makes me get out of bed, especially at the weekend when I’m not trying to work from home. I’m not saying I’m productive all of the time. Are there days when I sit on the sofa for the day and binge Netflix? Absolutely. What energises you?

Come & chat in the comments, slide into my DMs (not in that way) on Instagram or email me at

Anyway, that’s enough from me this week…catch ya next week…maybe!

Ali 😉

P.s. I love a bit of eucalyptus.


I love email newsletters and I would love to create my own, but here are 3 reasons why I’m not going to:

  1. I’m sure you need some sort of software that I’m not going to buy. 
  2. I may get bored if it starts to feel like an obligation and stop wanting to do it.
  3. The only person likely to sign up to it is my dad because he’ll want to be supportive.

What I have decided to do instead is to post something that resembles a newsletter here for as long as it makes sense for me.

Earlier this year, I paid a very small fee to take this Inbox Bootcamp e-course. I would highly recommend it. It was a brilliant idea because it helped me clear my inbox and unsubscribe to all of the unwanted emails that come into my personal email every single day. Could I have done it without the e-course, most likely, but it focused my mind and I got some great tips. Now, instead of just deleting multiple junk type emails every day, I have signed up to a handful of email newsletters and I really look forward to them coming in throughout the week/month. I’m working off a zero inbox policy now and it feels like a big accomplishment.



Did you see that? I got 2 paragraphs in before I mentioned the Coronavirus. Before you roll your eyes and leave, this is actually a positive point. When the government, here in Ireland, first announced the schools would be closing, it looked like people were just going to bulk buy and then turn on each other. It felt very uncertain and scary. Over two weeks later, we have further restrictions and everything is still up in the air, but people are coming together to help and lift each other up. Here are some of the things online that have made me smile through all of this: 

  • Musicians doing ‘gigs’ from their homes for charity. The Gavin James one for Alone on Instagram stories was so good.
  • People offering their services to parents trying to homeschool their kids. The Body Coach Joe Wicks doing P.E. from his living room every morning for kids at home is a great way to burn off a little energy before tackling the academic subjects.
  • Penguins wandering free around aquariums. This is the content I want to see.
  • Videos of Italians singing together from their balconies.
  • Irish people singing Irish songs from their front gates on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Kids chatting to and entertaining their grandparents through windows.
  • Exercise classes and bingo on the street.
  • People reaching out to elderly neighbours to help them with shopping and collecting prescriptions.
  • People using apps like Zoom and HouseParty to connect with friends and family in a fun way.

What did you see online that made this crisis a little more bearable this week? Let me know in the comments, slide into my DMs (not in that way) on Instagram or email me at

Oh and here’s a picture of my very cute old dog…his face sure makes me feel better and yes, this was taken just across from my house because it’s important to respect that 2km from your house rule.

Anyway, that’s enough from me this week…catch ya next week…maybe!

Ali 😉