Flowers Flowers

I got a present of these beautiful flowers from a group of students I’ve been working with since September. I was pleasantly surprised when they brought them in for me on the last day. I love receiving flowers. They put me in a good mood, but I never really buy them for myself. That’s silly really. Note to self: buy flowers occasionally – if they brighten up your day, they’re worth it.

to do book summer 2013

It’s that time of year when everything is starting to wind down for me in work. Throughout the academic year I make lists of work related things I need to do. I find lists very helpful. They clear up some space in my mind and help me to concentrate on what I need to do. It also helps me to relax when it’s time to switch my work brain off and unwind. I tend to make my work lists on my iPad so I can add to them or amend them if I need to. I love making lists this time of year. They’re usually of the last few things I need to tie up in work and they give me great sense of satisfaction when they’re all ticked off.

For lists outside of work I much prefer to hand write them on all sorts of different and pretty notepads (yes, honestly, the ‘old fashioned’ way). Come early to mid-June, I can focus on the fun lists of things I hope to do in the summer. This summer will be different because I’m going to Dubai for 7 weeks to spend some of my time off with Dane. I’ll be adding things I have to do, buy, and pack before I go to my lists this year. I’m also looking forward to making lists of things to do while I’m away. 

My lists are not limited to ‘to do’ lists either. I also enjoy making bucket lists and lists of things I want to buy and make. Wow who knew I could say the word list so many times!

coffee with dad





1) Hot chocolate and coffee date with my dad,  2) Fresh summer breakfast,  3) I just love Chief’s ears,  4) Superhero Jalapeno houmous – yum!  5) Lady enjoying a rare bit of sunshine

Chief and Lady Chief relaxing 2


The dogs love getting out and running around in the grass. When it’s time to go home Chief just sits down and refuses to leave. He loves grass, but he’s allergic to it so we have to keep him out of it most of the time. Lady on the other hand does what she’s told more often, so when we call her she usually comes to the boot of the car.





kiara getting her ears pierced Kiara and her lollipop

While we were out shopping yesterday, Kiara decided to get her ears pierced. So exciting! I only got mine pierced last August and I’ve been pestering her to get hers done ever since. She was very brave and got a lollipop for her troubles. 

Kiara and Layla

Kiara Layla enjoying her ice-cream Layla and her sunnies


candles Oil burner

1) Kiara and Layla,  2) Kiara in the Yankee Candle shop,  3) Layla enjoying her ice-cream,  4) Too cool for school in her sunnies,   5) The wax tarts I bought, and  6) burning Bay Breeze – it reminds me of cocktails and holidays and that’s never a bad thing.


Stephen and Bud Jamie Carragher

1) Stephen and Bud enjoying a pre-match drink, and  2) Jamie Carragher 

I went to Liverpool at the weekend to watch the last match of the season against QPR and Jamie Carragher’s last match ever. It was a great occasion and they went all out with a guard of honour and presentations. His children were on the pitch with him before and after the match and it was a really sad day. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to go to his last game and a 1-0 win helped too. We all went out on the drink in Liverpool that night. Liverpool is a great city and you’re guaranteed a good time. We finished the weekend off with shopping and lunch in Carragher’s restaurant.

Jade, Jennie, Emma and I

I went to the Big Reunion concert in the 02 last night with my girls. We had a great laugh reliving our teens, dancing and singing away in the pit.

walking in the Gap of Dunloe

My boots

I went to Killarney this weekend with my Mam and Aunty Lilly. We were having a girl’s weekend and it was great to relax and enjoy Killarney, which is a beautiful part of the country. Of course it rained most of the time, but in my experience it always seems to rain in Killarney.

We went for a lovely walk through the Gap of Dunloe, however we did get caught in the rain. Of course Mam forgot her runners so I had to lend her mine. This resulted in me wearing my boots. Safe to say those two wouldn’t make it into the U.S. Marines because they don’t believe in the ‘never leave a man behind’ philosophy.





Hi all (I’m pretty sure all is about 3 people at this stage)

I decided to start a photo blog because I’m constantly taking photographs and they usually end up in a folder on my computer with no purpose. This blog will pretty much cover the day to day things that happen in my life, some of which will be absolutely amazing and some, I’m sure, will be very dull (hopefully some half decent photos will make up for this). This blog is more for me than anyone else. I want to be able to remember all of the little stories that go along with the photographs and who knows, maybe someday I will have grandchildren who will find this everyday information interesting. I know I’d love to have access to a photo diary belonging to my grandparents.

I think it’s important at this point to explain the name ‘Paparali’. It’s a play on the word Paparazzi and my name Ali. My dad came up with it years ago because I’m always driving people crazy taking photographs.

Well that’s it for now but you can also find me on Instagram and Twitter. My username is @paparali. Please note I’m not a tweetaholic, I find it very difficult to squeeze everything I want to say into 140 characters.

Until next time,