Reading…Where The Crawdad Sings. Not the type of book I would usually read but I’m working my way through it and enjoying something a little bit different. I’m behind on my Goodreads book challenge for 2020 which really irritates me but hey, first world problems.

Watching…The Vow. A fascinating docu-series on the sex cult NXIVM. It is fucked up! I also just finished The Crown and it deserves a mention because it’s the best thing I’ve watched this year. I thought I disliked Charles before but season 4 really confirmed how much of a weasel he was. Also Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher was just outstanding.

Listening to…all of the Podcasts. The usuals: ‘A Beautiful Mess’, ‘Casefile’, ‘The Good Glow’, ‘Grounded with Louis Theroux’ and ‘The Greatest Game with Jamie Carragher’. I also recently binged ‘The Teacher’s Pet’ and ‘Where is George Gibney?’ They’re both great if you like a series about one topic and anything crime related, check them out.

Focussing on… @PiecesByPaparali (on Instagram). Making all of the personalised gifts while listening to podcasts or Christmas music is what I do with all my free time these days!

Totally over… Covid. Obvs! But also the one-up-manship that comes with awful things. For example: “Yeah Covid is bad but you know this other thing is really much worse.” I think it really undermines the truly dreadful, heartbreaking experiences people have had. If someone has lost somebody to Covid, it’s so insensitive to say ‘Oh yeah but far more people are dying of this thing or that thing”. In my opinion, it’s really disrespectful to the hurt people are feeling. The world is full of shitty things and why people want to compete over them, I’ll never know! If you’re trying to raise awareness about something, focus on that, stop comparing it. Rant over.

Planning… some homemade Christmas decorations I probably won’t ever get around to making. Planning is usually my thing as an Enneagram Type 6 but I’ve learned this year not EVERYTHING can be planned.

Looking forward to… A small break away that we booked this week. What? Future plans during Covid, it can’t be!

Enjoying… Early Christmas vibes!

Reflecting on… 2020! Not just because of the crazy year that it’s been, but because I like to reflect at the end of every year. It helps me plan for the next year. You may know that for the past few years or so I’ve picked ‘One Little Word’ for the year. Some years my word really resonates with me and some years I forget about it altogether. My word for 2020 was Joy. The version of Joy I had planned in December 2019 was NOTHING like the version of Joy I actually experienced in 2020. I spent this year finding Joy in the simple things like a quiet cup of tea in the morning by myself or the extremely important basic needs from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs like a safe, warm place to call home and food on the table. Most importantly, the biggest Joy I found in 2020 was the (mostly) good health of myself, my family, my friends and my fur babies. I’m sending all of the positive vibes out to the universe for a better 2021.

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